Privacy Policy

Nuum Solutions and Logient, the makers of teh Gaia LT suite, respects your privacy and your data. Therefore, please know that all data that is collected from you or your company is kept confidential and strictly used on a matter of improving our products and services.

This policy targets you, who could either be (without limitation to):

  • visitor of our websites
  • users/licensees of our apps/plugins
  • and/or the legal entity (company, organization) for which you work.

This privacy policy covers both personal information and non-personal information that is collected on our websites or in our products.

Apps Data

Whenever you download an app/plugin from the marketplace, the data related to your account is transferred to Nuum Solutions. This includes information regarding your name, contact information, company name, type of product you downloaded, versions, SEN numbers, Server ID, dates of download, and renewal. License information is not transferred.

This information is collected from Atlassian marketplace vendor site and stored locally in a local database. The database is protected by a username/password, and may only be accessed through our company VPN.  This data is used and analyzed to improve the quality of the service we are offering you, and to improve the user experience. We may send you specific emails, or call you directly by phone, regarding your apps or our services in general. We may send you newsletters as well.

Please note that we do not collect software usage data through the daily use of the apps/plugins.

Websites Data

Web Forms from our websites

Any data that is entered into any form on this web site is only used for the indicated purposes. With the exceptions listed below, we will never give away any personal information including your e-mail address to any third party.

Google Analytics Data from web sites

We collect analytics from our different websites and on Atlassian marketplace. This data is anonymous. Depending on the websites, we may use cookies to collect navigation information. The purpose of this data is to improve the web site usability and navigation experience.  Details are available in Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

Our products may have an option to collect usage statistics and transfer it to our servers, to allow us improve the future versions of the product. The information transferred does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Products that have this capability also have a configuration option to turn off the statistics collection.


The collected information may be disclosed only in if required by law.